here’s michael and his brother yelling at each other for two minutes enjoy


transcript (as much as i could decipher, bolded my favorite):
michael: *sighs*
brother: shut up up there!
michael: shut up!
brother: mom said shut up!
michael: shut up! i’m making my Youtube video! shut up.
brother: mom’s shows is on.
michael: (to camera) hang on. (to brother) shut up, you’re going to fuck it up! don’t touch that.
brother: listen, i’m going to drink this -
michael: don’t touch that Capri Sun! that’s mine -
brother no!
michael: no that’s mine, i bought that.
brother: no no, those are all gone this one’s different.
michael: no, i bought that. respect the pouch! respect it!
brother: you don’t even have money!
michael: shut up! shut up.
brother: go back to your room.
michael: go downstairs. shut up.
brother: shut up!
michael: shut up. go downstairs.
brother: her show’s on.
michael: shut up! shut up!! fucking idiot. i’m gonna punch you in the face while you’re sleepin’!
brother: fuck you.
michael: (to camera) if you said that you skipped it, then you’re lying.
brother: *ineligible yelling*
michael: shut up! stop!
brother: listen, you don’t even like-
michael: i’ma - stop!
brother: asshole.
michael: shut up! i’m gonna delete your World of Warcraft character if you don’t shut up.
brother: i’ll fucking tell mom. i’ll tell her about those magazines you have under your -
michael: shut up! you better shut up before i make it worse.
[something is thrown at michael]
michael: god, go fucking-
brother: there’s tissues for your fucking cry baby bullshit!
michael: don’t throw stuff! you’re gonna break my camera!
brother: shut up. it’s not even your camera, it’s mom’s.
michael shut up. she said i could use it. shut up!
brother: *ineligible yelling about a Capri Sun*
michael: shut the fuck up. i’m gonna fucking break - (to camera) you’re going to see a video of me breaking his fucking skull open all over the concrete.
brother: i know kung fu, asshole.
michael: he doesn’t know kung fu. he doesn’t fucking know kung fu.
brother: i do know kung fu!
michael: he watched Kung Fu Panda five fucking times and he thinks he knows kung fu.
brother: shut up! it’s fucking real.
michael: it’s a stupid movie.
brother: it’s fucking real.
michael: (to camera) oh fucking - i fucking beat that bitch. (to brother) come here, (ineligible), you son of a bitch!!
brother: give me the Capri Sun! give it to me!
michael: stop!
brother: why’d you take my Capri Sun?!
michael: stop! give me my camera! nooo!

every time i see this, I reblog it. I laugh my ass of just reading the stuff they say. RESPECT THE POUCH!